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What is a clinical hypnotist?

A clinical hypnotist is a skilled and trained professional who, by inducing a trance-like state, helps people use their subconscious mind to change behavioural patterns or ways of thinking. It is important that the client is really wanting to change their negative thoughts, feelings or behaviours in order for the clinical hypnotist be able to help the client.

What does a clinical hypnotist do?

The mind is very powerful, and to one degree or another everyone is susceptible to suggestion; the hypnotist will determine an individual's degree of suggestibility by guiding them through some exercises. Before hypnotizing the client, the clinical hypnotist will discuss in detail the problem that needs to be resolved and the goal that the individual would like to achieve. The clinical hypnotist will also explain what hypnosis is, how the mind will be operating in its subconscious state (or the 'first gear' of the mind), what will be experienced during hypnosis and how it will work to help the individual. Finally, based on the results of the client's suggestibility and the nature of the problem or goal, the clinical hypnotist will induce a hypnotic state. The intervention will become more individualized and have a greater impact if the clinical hypnotist can share in the experience of the client.

Some issues clinical hypnosis can help with:

Anxiety and Stress Management


Decision Making

Anger Management


Stage Fright


Sports Improvement


Relaxation Techniques

Weight Loss and Weight Management

Drug & Alcohol Dependence

Increase In Self Esteem

Pain Management

Dental Anxiety


Public Speaking

Fear of Flying

Hypnosis can help people with psychological issues or goals, but it is not done by waving a watch or pendulum in the patient’s face and saying “you are getting sleepy” as often seen in old and popular cartoons and films.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis does not involve being put in a deep sleep, and the client cannot be forced to do anything that they would not ordinarily do. They remain completely aware of their surroundings and situation. The essential thing is how much they are motivated to make a change, and to stay away from their habit or addiction. Their motivation and eagerness, as well as their relationship with the therapist, are major factors leading to the success of clinical hypnosis

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 Jill Lien is a certified ICBCH Trainer with decades of experience working internationally as a Clinical Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Health and Wellness coach.

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Price for the full course is only $1995, payment plans available


Small class size to ensure individual attention


60 hours of classroom instruction and demonstrations


30 hours of clinical supervision component


30 hours reading and practice time


Access to a large library of hypnosis downloads


Discounts for advanced and specialized training modules


Continuing Education Credits


Comprehensive material package, including scripts


International clinical certification on successful demonstration of competence


Eligible, on successful completion, for full professional membership of the ICBCH and association group benefits including health and malpractice insurance

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